Simplified Guide to Newfoundland Stamps and Coins

The Simplified Guide to Newfoundland Postage Stamps and Coins is a 2021 publication by Terra Nova Publishing that illustrates in full color the stamps and coins produced by Newfoundland from 1857 to 1949, when it joined Canada. This comprehensive book is an organizational tool that allows the collector to see clearer what they have and what they still need to complete a collection.

Price $32.50

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There is a space near each item for the collector to make personal notes. Minute differences are illustrated and historical notes provided on designs and designers. A glossary of philatelic and numismatic terms is also provided.

The book is twin-loop wire bound and lies flat. It is well organized – a blue divider page separates the stamp section in Part 1 from the coins in Part 2. Each section has its own Table of Contents to help the collector quickly find the stamp or coin they are looking for.

This is not a price catalog. Other publishers do pricing on an annual basis since market prices change yearly. This book will require no annual updates since Newfoundland stamps and coins are both ‘closed sets’ – no more are being produced.

This guide is a merger of two former publications – the Simplified Guide to Newfoundland Postage Stamps published in 2011 and the Simplified Guide to Newfoundland Coins published in 2017. The decision to merge the two was the result of user recommendations. The original material in both former books has been greatly expanded and revised.

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