Polarities: Honor & Dishonor in the Arctic

Polarities: Honor & Dishonor in the Arctic (play) —2008

This play tells the story of three adventurous men who, in 1908, set out to be the first to reach the North Pole. Captain Robert Peary had engaged Newfoundland sea captain Robert Bartlett and Dr. John Goodsell, an American, to assist him in this venture. Peary had failed many times before. The 1908-09 trip would be his last attempt. Neither Bartlett nor Goodsell were permitted to go on the last leg of the journey to the Pole.

The honesty of Bartlett and Goodsell stands in sharp contrast to that of Peary. The play was based on the diaries that were made available to Brown in Mercer County where he lives today. Many doubt that Peary ever reached the Pole. The reasons for that doubt become increasingly clear as the play unfolds.


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